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Engineers, unite! The time has come to free ourselves of the tyranny of the tactical and science captains! To throw off the shackles of impotency and claim our rightful place among the elite! SOON, THE UNIVERSE SHALL FEAR THE WRATH OF THE ENGINEER! <evil laugh> >8D

Ah, engineers. Almost everyone can agree that they're the most neglected of the STO trinity. Science captains get their bag of dirty tricks, not least of which is the all-powerful SNB. Tactical captains get all the abilities they need to put the hurt on someone. But what do Engineers get? A bunch of underpowered, mediocre abilities, most of which can be replicated by doffs or equipment. No wonder engineers feel so left out.

But, of the trinity, who actually knows how to best run a ship? When the tactical officers need their weapons, when the scientists want their shiny new deflectors, who do they run to? That's right, the engineer! When your cannons need MOAR POWAH, when the engines need to be pushed harder than they ever have been before, who does the captain call? You heard me: the engineer! When the shields are failing, when the hull is buckling and a warp core breach is imminent, who defies all odds and brings the ship back to life? The answer's as clear as day: the engineer!

I just... couldn't resist...