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03-26-2013, 07:27 PM
This tale of Dear Leader is brought to us by Comrade Sunflower.

We the Voice of the People salute the return of our Dear Leader from great stupidity of the land of glorious simpletons! All of us say many welcome Kim Jong-oats, he of the people who lights the world with his divine radiance.
Thousands of years more we shall maintain the vitality of our great nation. Enemies are always the same people eating mud and cursed drink dog pee. They are blind and some silly fool capitalist pig. They too shall be conquered.

The people have been greatly impressed by the news of President of the pig humans washed Dear Leader's feet to signal respect, but we sad to report no television kameras are present the time to witness this impressive laundry moment.

During his visit to New York a city of most foul scum and villainy, The Unified Nations has offered Our Great Nation a magnificent tribute, seraph wings and a piece of one thousand golden oxen on our capital position. People celebrate in the country greatly.

On his journey our glorious Dear Leader also made with fabulous scientific advances and discovered the new bosom particle called Kim Jong's Arms that we told is to keep the world together. Benefits he allows in his glorious wisdom and compassion, along with the rest of the world, he has shared the secret knowledge.

During the negotiation of the surrender and unification of Korea he was also in a sword fight on top of the moving train with Supreme America General defeating him with ease, surely they see it coming?
But nothing compares to his wrath when he saw two great capitalist towers of greed. Our leader's furious gaze brought them down with for they can not withstand his disapproval.

One hundred days of celebration shall be arranged now, during which some lucky villages will get to feast upon the flesh of living orcas our leader captured with his bare hands.

Stay true and loyal, he watches your sleep.

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