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Thing is I don't do the decloaking part and just stay invisible the whole time now so how is the Romulan going to do that when one of his fellow Romulans is being so kind to aid me on my ship and make it never reveal while firing.
It's something I've been wondering about with the Advanced Romulan Deflector. They can get the +2% Stealth Detection of the Jem Deflector - while also getting that +15 Stealth Value. So they could boost their Stealth Detection while boosting their own Stealth somewhat.

With that not being a "STF" level of gear - it's left me to wonder what the Romulan MACO/KHG equivalent would be then and if it would be something along those lines.

Somebody with:

9 Stealth (49.5 Stealth)
3x Stealth Consoles (45 Stealth)
Rom BOFF (100 Stealth)
125 Aux (75 Stealth)
Advanced Reman Deflector (30 Stealth)

On top of the base 4975 (unskilled/ungeared @ 50 Aux)...
...takes them to 5274.5 Stealth Value.

Now the person looking for them:

9 Sensors (148.5 SDR)
3x Sensor Probes (135 SDR)
125 Aux - SciVessel Cloaker (150 SDR)
125 Aux - nonSciVessel Cloaker (50 SDR)
Advanced Romulan Deflector (200 SDR)

Would be looking at a Perception of 5226.75 to 5316.75 without Sensor Scan or EPtA.

The nonSciVessel Cloaker would never see the first guy.
The SciVessel Cloaker (doubtful, think they'd do a Rom cloaking Sci Vessel?) could see the first guy at 0.845 km. Odds are against ever seeing the guy.

Course, if one of the Roms were to drop cloak at the time of the explosions on that juicy Fed target to Sensor Scan and EPtA1, they'd take their Perception somewhere between 5726.75 to 5776.75.

The nonSciVessel Cloaker could see the guy at 9 km.
The SciVessel Cloaker (would be kind of Evil, eh?) at 10km.

Perform Sci shenanigans to decloak the target and let the festivities begin.

Given that Nebulas are rare - few folks run Sensor Probes - etc, etc, etc - the odds are against the first guy actually having that high of a Stealth Value to begin with... so depending on what they do with Roms (if there is a cloaking Sci Vessel) - packs of Roms could do a pretty decent job of hunting down cloaked KDF.

Bah, forgot the Astrophysicist trait - course, that would only add 15 SDR or 7.5 Perception or 0.15 km detection range.

Given the standard unskilled/ungeared @ 50 Aux Stealth Value of Fed Sci could detect them at:

15.66 km for 5s
14.66 km for 20s
6.44 km at any time

For the Stealther I listed earlier (5274.5)...he can detect them at:

9.67 km for 5s
8.67 km for 20s
0.45 km at any time (meh)

And that's not in a Nebula with either console.

My KDF Sci is not built for detecting cloakers. Still, one of the first things he does on decloaking to attack is Scan. 5263

He could see the 4975 guy at 5.76km for 20s.
He would never see the 5274.5 guy.

Course, all of that's without using QSM (all examples).

I've glitched Fed to hunt KDF hunting Feds in Ker'rat to complete the Kill10KDF since KvK pops are so rare. Yep, I've been slaughtered by a B'rel I've never seen. But it's rare. I can only think of two folks that I've come across doing that. Most B'rel folks tend to flicker. There also tend to be more folks flying a Hegh'ta, Fleet Norgh, or even the Fleet Hoh'Sus than a B'rel that I've come across. Or they're in a Peghqu', Tor'Kaht, even a Krenn, etc, etc, etc.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the Roms. Depending on what they do, I could definitely see building a stealth Sci to hunt cloaked ships.