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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's something I've been wondering about with the Advanced Romulan Deflector. They can get the +2% Stealth Detection of the Jem Deflector - while also getting that +15 Stealth Value. So they could boost their Stealth Detection while boosting their own Stealth somewhat.

With that not being a "STF" level of gear - it's left me to wonder what the Romulan MACO/KHG equivalent would be then and if it would be something along those lines.

I've glitched Fed to hunt KDF hunting Feds in Ker'rat to complete the Kill10KDF since KvK pops are so rare. Yep, I've been slaughtered by a B'rel I've never seen. But it's rare. I can only think of two folks that I've come across doing that. Most B'rel folks tend to flicker. There also tend to be more folks flying a Hegh'ta, Fleet Norgh, or even the Fleet Hoh'Sus than a B'rel that I've come across. Or they're in a Peghqu', Tor'Kaht, even a Krenn, etc, etc, etc.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the Roms. Depending on what they do, I could definitely see building a stealth Sci to hunt cloaked ships.
My tac isn't in a brel right now so cant check, but i remember my stealth is still somewhere over 5k, maybe 5.2kish? running only 50 power to aux with 3 ranks in stealth and a romulan rare male sci boff, and goes up by around 100 more when shifting all power to aux I think. Seems like I almost never get decloaked except by CPB or GW.

Might have been me doing that and you would never see me lol. I usually use lots of transphasics torps, mines, and cluster, sometimes a romulan torp too for fun.