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03-26-2013, 09:52 PM
Didn't double check the precise math but yes you seem to have done it properly.

The thing is the game doesn't look at damage resisted, it looks at damage that gets past the resists so 20% resist to the game is you take .8 damage. And yes they multiply which makes it look like they don't stack as effectively but that is merely a perception thing at work.

For example lets say you have 20% shield resist from option A and 10% from option B. The math would be .8 * .9 giving you .72 damage hits you, or 28% resistance. And that works if you get hit with 100 damage you could apply them separately as .8 of 100 is 80 and .9 of 80 is 72, or directly as .72 of 100 is 72.

Hope that made sense but the TLDR is you did it right. Oh and their was a rumor by a dev that their are diminishing returns applied similar to resistances with armor and that maco 10% effect is not subject to that. But no real proof nor any true desire to test it.