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03-26-2013, 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by rjewkes View Post
So Tribble can be readied to test realy advanced changes.
We are not getting 2 test shards permanently.

Redshirt exists when Tribble is in season testing not because of the so called "advanced things" but because Tribble is being used to test the season things but of course this happens about a month before it hits Holodeck so for weeks they need a testing shard FOR Holodeck changes.

Today is the 26/27 so we have about 2 months before the expansion hits, now thing is with season-7 we had a lot of things locked off and we need to proper test things of the expansion and its not "advanced" things we need to test, we need to test level progression for starters, we have less that 2 months for that.