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03-26-2013, 10:24 PM
Felix is walking to a medium sized room with another agent Felix puts his hand on the scanner and the door opens to a dark semi circle room. Where about 8 other ONI officers from other section sit.

Admiral Norris: director Felix please have a seat.

Felix takes a seat looking at the holos of the other commanders. Tal stands next to Felix as vadem is already in another corner of the room.

Norris: director Felix what is the status of the sentinel program and project aires.

Felix: both programs are on schedule with dr halseys help we should e ready for phase 2 of the program in a few days. And the prototype aires is already being used.

Colonel Archer: but what about the tesseract

Felix: I have my best people looking for it as we speak.

Archer: but someone else could have already

Norris: colonel quite.

Ooc: feel free to take part of one of the officers.