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Originally Posted by eraserfish View Post
I'm sorry, but why does the Federation need a cloaking device?
They think it'll make them better than they really are, while ignoring the fact that with superior ships, superior VARIETY of ships, a higher average level on the Rep grinds and higher than KDF average level on Fleet equipment, they're losing matches against players who've had only the BEST Feds to fight in the ques most of the time, players who've had to learn to max out INFERIOR designs and who've as a result developed stronger teamwork and base strategies to fight those superior ships.

the Typical Feddie Pug in C&H and Arena does not work at all well together, they either "Kirk it up" or hoard their heals and buffs and leave their teammates hanging out isolated and unsupported against KDF enemies who've HAD to learn to work as a team because of serious deficiencies in their ship designs relative to the Fed average.

This is REALLY visible in Ker'rat, where the best the Feds can manage is to ball up and spawncamp the KDF spawn-point, and that only works when they outnumber their opponents more than 3 to 1.

Fed players who consistently fail to understand the advantages they already enjoy, want Cloak/Battlecloak because they think that those are HOW the KDF is beating them-rather than understanding that BC is the only thing that makes the Bird of Prey class VIABLE.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

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