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Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
Fleet defiant's decloaking alfa and /or the new kumari shield stripping overload hit are in my opinion the the best shield punchers in this moment.

Best value Cheese :except aceton's ( i don't have them btw) and leech,all other consoles are available to federation at a much lower price.On kdf side you have to buy a c-store ship for a console ,as fed you can buy it from exchange very cheap.

Best power drain :here it is again the comparison between siphon drones and danubes.Which are worse ? Hard to tell.Both will stop you and wreck your play.

About the ship I agree that kdf would need some better punching ships than it has now.That is one of the reasons that most of PVP is done in lockboxes in this moment.(Best "raptor" =fleet defiant ,Best c-store sci =vesta ,Best c-store hec =armitage)
KDF battlecruiser's are nice and are considered better than federation counterpart.(I don't know,I didn't use them)
Bops are nice but you have to use a hit and run tactic with them and I personaly dislike this strategy.The veteran destroyer is a good ship but you have to pay a LTS for flying it.
Vet destroyer: I have an LTS (yeah, I got stupid...) and I have one on one toon-and it sits in drydock with the Qin raptor one of my other toons tried out, and the Vor'cha my Engie levelled from 40 to 50 in.

Comparing a Vor'cha to a Fed Assault Cruiser: yep, better turn rate, dual heavy cannons..
not enough tac slots to make use of them, and crippled compared to the Assault Cruiser in terms of survivability, and crippled vs. a FedScort in terms of manueverability and ability to apply damage in a directed fashion.

That said, it's nice in PvE, but when I determined that PvE was getting dull, I went and ground the Dil. and bought me a Hegh'ta instead-because it has turn-rate and I can use funny tactics with it, whereas the Vor'cha was basically just a cube/probe killer and Kang or Portal guard.
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