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03-27-2013, 03:09 AM
Your decided things look pretty much like my build, except that I use the Recon version for the extra tac console, only carry one Vesta console, and use CSV instead of CRF (I figure sci does a lot of AoE, so CSV makes sense). The rest I'm not so sure about though, mainly because shield stripping has been rendered so very weak.

Let me explain what I mean by weak: before S7 I ran CPB1 on my Fleet Recon Sci, and with around 90 Aux it could do some pretty significant stuff, often stripping half a facing off targets. For my BoP on KDF though I gave it up quickly, because I couldn't tell the difference between using it and not using it with the firepower of the DHCs. When S7 came out I transferred my Recon Sci build exactly over to the Vesta, but as I started using it I realized that CPB had been nerfed again. It is now weak to the point that I can scarcely see on the HUD that I've used it on most targets (battleships, cruisers, and ESTF spheres are the ones I know I've seen it on), even though I've upped my Aux from 90 to 124, so I stopped using it and replaced it with Energy Siphon. Tachyon Beam was always the weaker of the two abilities, so I have to assume it still is, making it now utterly insignificant.

I would definitely say that as a sci ship you ought to try to bring a GW to team events, because it really is the best power sci has left. A multi-target hold is very valuable in many of the STFs, frequently allowing you to save an optional or even a whole mission by delaying some critical targets for 20 precious seconds. Furthermore, drawing targets together benefits all AoE attacks, causes warp core breaches to damage other enemy ships, and makes your Isometric Charge more effective. That said, you can make do with GW1 if you want something else instead of GW3, and it definitely isn't worthwhile to bring 2 copies since the duplicate cooldown is so high. Some other abilities to consider would be Energy Siphon (a nice buff to you and an ok debuff to your enemies, that can be maintained almost constantly) and Tyken's Rift (a fairly weak debuff, but it will lock down any enemy destructible projectiles for the duration, which is useful). A month ago I would have said PSW, and before S7 I loved it, but it's really badly broken now (it's not even being affected by Aux power level now, and the stun hasn't worked properly since S7 came out). That's basically all the offensive sci abilities that are worth the slot for PvE. Well, there is also TBR, but that's so dangerous an ability that I don't trust myself to use it properly, so I never recommend it to anyone else. Basically, it can do any one of 4 things, depending on the circumstances: boost your damage output massively, save a mission and/or optional, lose a mission and/or optional, or get your whole team killed.