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Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
lol DDIS, you didnt have to put my build in raw, you could have deleted me asking for help and just put the build in.
the TOC actually links to your single post, its not me re posting a build and linking that. i cant edit it, but you can as you wish, for as long as this thread exists.

Originally Posted by nettoazure View Post
Thank you very much for pointing that out. I totally forgot about the ESS proc. Frigging ugh.

Anyways thanks it's relatively easy to implement the changes you recommend. Sadly the Tet Purples are bound. I'd have switch them with the Phased Pol on my Sci but too late now so I'm stuck to using tets on this toon.
if you really have purple mkXII tac consoles, by all means stick with tets. nothing else will deal as much damage for you.

Originally Posted by banjobiscuit View Post
Any thoughts on using the FAE with a science toon? I was thinking Phasers + Viral Matrix + some sort of punchy torpedo? Or plasma (need to dig deep into the reputation systems to get the most out of plasma though, which turns me off a bit).
FAE? fleet advanced escort? the fleet MVAM? for a sci, i would recommend the same build i just posted. sci cap debuffs plus cannon and torp spike will be what gets you kills. with to tac captain buffs, you need to hit as hard as posible, and thats the way to do it. when all their shield resistance is gone your non tac buffed shots should be as strong, or stronger then a tac shooting at an un nuked target.
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