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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Further, the "Universal console gap" is a JOKE-feds are increasingly showing up in ships that have it (both faction specific, AND lockbox), but without the sacrifices. KDF Bird of Prey comes with (at most) seating for FOUR Bridge officers, typically a FedScort seats quite a bit more, with more consoles, hull, and shields, and near-parity turn rates with a decent build.

not a "GOOD build", but a "Decent" build.
Gonna call bull**** here.

The only thing that a Bird of Prey is missing in terms of BOff slots is the Ensign; total console slots are identical in number, and there is a significant turn rate advantage. I think I also forgot to mention how all of it's BOff slots are universal... point is, the Bird of Prey is its own kind of ship, and should not be compared to Federation escorts. Both work very differently from each other.

Also gonna say that the Feds don't have complete access to what the Klingons have in terms of Universal Consoles (and should stay that way). But I must note just how restrictive or how subpar a lot of Federation Universal Consoles are, and that Klingons have access to the most useful ones on the Federation side.

That being said, I don't like to play the game of petty rivalry between the KDF and Starfleet. I'll say this much though: KDF may suffer from neglect, but at least their captains aren't forced into playing second fiddle to one category of ship.