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Originally Posted by wast33 View Post
wanna know why i don't like fvk as a fed most of the time?
i do like it, but whenever one of the following comes in it's done with the fun for me:
-interceptors (way too fast and effective!)
-da leech thing
-(add your fav)
One of the following - the leech thing

Every Kdf runs one or should be takes from 10 to 20 power from enemy hip depending how flow cap rating is specced

How is that game breaking?

The rest I've never used but the aceton assimilate is easily killed by toros and will only do damage if some nut is spamming bfaw around it the drain is negligible

Kumari 5 fore weapon slots 5 tax consoles insane spike

Danubes easily the most OP pet there is without doubt if used correctly

Graviton beam - 50s of say getting pummelled easily the most rediculious power that has existed on sto(not sure if this is LSD also as I've never used it or seen it but damn its fu%?ing annoying)

Do you think I cry into my pillow if I see one of these being used... no!!! I work around them adapt...
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