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03-27-2013, 04:57 AM
Gotta say I have to agree with OP. But let me paint a picture for you.

Let's say that the only type of games this developer team likes is FPS damage dealing games.

Explains alot doesn't it. Just look at the current state of the game. The majority of the gameplay is kill kill kill end game. The game is severely imbalanced skewing towards a tactical ie damage dealing system where escorts are the most powerful ships in all areas tanking, healing and damage dealing. Science is almost non-existant in terms of having a strong presence in the game despite the fact that without science space travel is but a dream.

So really is it so surprising that this team did so poorly with the diplomatic missions.

That's just what I'm seeing.
I would like for the devs to open a poll/feedback thread on what exactly the players would like to see in the near future for the game.