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Is there some methodology I'm missing to clear this mission, or am I better off dropping it, and never picking up Diplomatic missions?
Link: Diplomatic Commendation

As you progress through the tiers, similar to the rep system, you will unlock: duty officers, diplomatic titles, transwarp to three locations, the ability to buy 'specific' duty officers, diplomatic uniform, and diplomatic immunity.

Its a pretty neat way to earn rewards and blow off time.

Instead of going through an intense grind, the strategy behind leveling is done through assigning duty officers.

If you get rewards that you do not want, you can always sell them on the exchange.

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does the "voting rights" really work? i could never figuere how that works.
I think voting rights refers to dialogue options, which become available during missions. When you play through missions with another person, while on Deep Space Nine, they will allow you to vote on which dialogue choice to make. Whatever dialogue option gets the most votes, the game will use it to trigger off an npc reply. Your vote will outweigh the other people in your team.

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