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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
If there is one constant in this game its that if feds QQ enough they will get what they want.

Also the thing I wonder about with this new faction... It sounds like its based on romulan under D'tans leadership and the way he talks in the story he wouldn't have a single romulan risk their life and just have the federation and the kdf take all the losses and then hand them over to him. So I do not see how they will fit in them getting borg tech unless its just available without any grinding for little handfuls of EC.
There were "two-ish" Romulan factions in the game before the LoR announcement.

Romulan Star Empire - which had been led by Sela until her disappearance.
New Romulan Empire - led by D'Tan and Obisek.

Well, there are also the various Tal Shiar factions.

Those that might still be loyal to Taris even while locked up.
Those that might still be loyal to Hakeev even while dead.
Those that might still be loyal to Ruul even while locked up/dead.
Those that might still be loyal to Sera even while missing.
Those that might be following Khiana after what happened to Ruul.
Er, yeah - typical intelligence agency shenanigans, eh?

But players will be playing as part of the Romulan Republic. Their story sounds like it takes place during the events of 2409 during Sela's rule of the RSE and dealing with the Tal Shiar up through her disappearance and eventual return (did somebody help her escape or did she return at the Iconians' leisure?).

As such, the R3's (get it? Romulan Republic Romulans?) would have access to Omega gear, some form of Romulan MACO/KHG gear, adapted versions of that MACO/KHG gear, they'd have access to the Rom Rep gear, whatever comes with the Tholian Rep, etc, etc, etc.

Speaking of which, there will also be the crossfaction console goodies, eh?

That leaves me wondering if Gas Sensors can be used with an EBC... cause Gas Sensors are likely coming in the next box...hrmmm?

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