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Fleet defiant's decloaking alfa and /or the new kumari shield stripping overload hit are in my opinion the the best shield punchers in this moment.
Sci in a Krenn using EF Disruptors (DBB, DHCs, Turrets - BO/CRF), Tet Glider, Leech, DOFF'd Tractor, Tach Beam is the fastest my shields have gone down with the additional fun of them dropping out the SNB/VM and Sensor Scan as the shields disappeared for additional hull action along with the HDR proc.

Even just the EFDs, Tet Glider, and Leech - you're looking at lowering the SDR from the EFDs and Leech in combination with the stripping of Glider.

I think it's because of the way the EFD's SDR debuff is being calculated - still trying to get somebody to confirm how it is working/supposed to be working.

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Best value Cheese :except aceton's ( i don't have them btw) and leech,all other consoles are available to federation at a much lower price.On kdf side you have to buy a c-store ship for a console ,as fed you can buy it from exchange very cheap.
1500 Zen for a Fed - 623k EC (ran at 100-200k for the longest time)
1500 Zen ~= 12 Keys or 19.8m
1500 Zen ~= 3 FSMs or 15m
Even up at 623k EC, vs 15-20m EC - that's a good value.

I figure folks are buying up all the crossfaction consoles in anticipation of LoR...get 'em while they're hot!

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Best power drain :here it is again the comparison between siphon drones and danubes.Which are worse ? Hard to tell.Both will stop you and wreck your play.
Nah, the comparison isn't between ASDs and ADRs.

The comparison is between:

Tyken's, Energy Siphon, some form of Polarons...
...where one side also has ASDs, AAs, and Leech.

Was just about Drain.

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About the ship I agree that kdf would need some better punching ships than it has now.That is one of the reasons that most of PVP is done in lockboxes in this moment.(Best "raptor" =fleet defiant ,Best c-store sci =vesta ,Best c-store hec =armitage)
KDF battlecruiser's are nice and are considered better than federation counterpart.(I don't know,I didn't use them)
Bops are nice but you have to use a hit and run tactic with them and I personaly dislike this strategy.The veteran destroyer is a good ship but you have to pay a LTS for flying it.
Battle Cruisers are fat Escorts, heh - can't really compare Battle Cruisers and Cruisers - they're just so far apart. Meh, but Geko continues to talk about the Andorian Battle Cruiser for the Feds somewhere down the line. So even that is likely to disappear as well.

The Fleet Somraw gives up 1 turn, 1 Tac console (for a Sci console), picks up an En Eng instead of that third En Tac, has a 0.02 better shield modifier, and 1650 more base hull. Think a lot of folks look at the Fleet Qin vs. Fleet Defiant - looking at the BOFF layout - but the Qin gives up 2 turn and 10 inertia...regardless of the +0.02 shield mod/+3300 base hull/-1 Tac console/+1 Eng's going to be that 2 turn/10 inertia I think most folks have felt. Cryptic definitely underestimates the value of turn/inertia...meh.

Fleet Defiant vs. Fleet Qin is brutally painful to look at...meh.
Fleet Defiant vs. Fleet Somraw though - that potential for full uptime on EPtS1/EPtW1 as well as the additional Sci console (or Uni console)...I think piloting could overcome the 1 less turn. Heck, add in that you can get the Somraw at T2 vs. Defiant at T3...

...but that's just paper, I fly none of those three.

It's kind of funny with BoPs, sometimes it's fighting for 15s and then cloaking again...sometimes it's not cloaking again. You're easily looking at 80-150% or more Bonus Defense - multiple ways to deal with Tractors - multiple ways to deal an inability to cloak for the short term. Creating BoPping can be fun.

Still, in the end I believe that the Feds have the edge - because most KDF that want to PvP actually want to PvP...they know if they go overboard with stuff, the Feds won't queue - there won't be any PvP. Because of that, they play at a certain disadvantage that they readily make up via skill/experience and teamwork. Most Feds complaining about the KDF are complaining about the wrong thing. They're likely even complaining about things that just arent happening or things they do not's a crutch complaint.