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Originally Posted by jermbot View Post
You want the story answer or the game mechanics answer? Not sure, allrighty, I'll give you both.

From a story standpoint, it is irresponsible, immoral and unethical to allow the KDF and RSE to hold a tactical advantage that will cost the Federation lives in both their wars with those powers and in their dealings with larger threats. The treaties and alliances that served as a counter point to this, giving the Federation reason to abstain from that research, are no longer compelling because they are legally dubious in the case of the Khitomer Accords or non-existent, in the case of an alliance with the Klingon Empire.

From a game mechanics standpoint. People want to be able to experience all the positives the game has to offer without having to put up with the negatives. For some players a positive is a battle cloaking ship and a negative are the abrasive whiners that seem to fill the ranks of the KDF. For other players a positive is a five forward firing glass cannon with five consoles, and a negative would be the abrasive whiners that seem to fill the ranks of the Federation.
But from a story standpoint, it is equally acceptable to state that Starfleet does not have nearly as much experience operating cloaking devices as those two, and have had trouble integrating them on their ships. It could also be said that the Federation has decided not to invest into cloaking devices, for the same reasons why they do not pursue development of technology that they may consider underhanded (and all things considered, a cloaking device is rather shady). That being said, I don't think that Starfleet should be completely deprived of cloaking devices, and that the whole "phase cloak" thing shown in TNG should make an appearance.

As for a game mechanics standpoint, I think it's just another case of "why does he have that, I want one too".