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The only reason the Federation doesn't use cloaks is because of a treaty the signed with thr Romulans back when Picard was in command of the 1701 - D. That treaty has long since been negated by wars and other events with the Romulans. The federation should have cloaks on more ships now, im not saying every ship but more than they have right now.
While I find it completely idiotic, the Federation is still upholding the Treaty of Algeron per the path to 2409 lore provided by Cryptic.

There was another Pegasus-type incident a few years after the Hobus supernova that inflamed tensions with the Klingons and the remnants of the Romulan Empire. To try and defuse all of that the Fed President basically said "well we're under no legal obligation to do so, but we're going to keep functioning under the terms of the treaty".