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03-27-2013, 09:10 AM
As the group of officers is speaking Felix sits there simply listening

Felix: everyone please we will find the artifact aires and the sentinel program will both be complete soon. Your continued arguing isnt going to help accomplish either one of those though.

Tal leaves the room walking to the bridge grows tired of there pointless debates. He appears human as to not scare those around him wearing his custom made armor.As he walks onto the large bridge a few people give him a glancing look as many do not like him being here. Felix had recently asked him to join to help with security and training certain teams to deal with aliens like himself.

meanwhile vadem sits behind felix regretting that he had not left before the meeting he was now stuck in.

Damascus base

Dr. Harper: so we have a stable element now?

Jacob: yes i believe we do now we can go ahead with phase two now of the program.