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03-27-2013, 09:27 AM
Leech isn't bad??? I would say leech is the most widely used imbalanced thing in the game. Here is a comparison with something the Klinks always QQ about: the 5th tac console.

A buddy of mine in game once told me that the 5th console wasn't a huge deal and I tested it for myself and agreed. I tested it again the other day for some numbers between 4 and 5 tac consoles on a F-Defiant using XI purple consoles. The toon had 9 in weapons training, 9 in energy weapons, and the +30 weapons training passive. I got 6.19% difference in DPS for adding a 5th tac console.

As a comparison, it seems most klinks and/or klink teams I run into use leech if not something stronger or a combination of all of them. Apparently some openly advocate it. If I'm pugging or in Kerat, I assume it will be there. Last time I 1v1'd someone in Kerat, I commented on the leech and he said even against someone with 9 ranks in insulators it 'only' does about 9 subsystem drain. That makes far more of a difference than one tac console. Here's why (and correct my math if you feel it's wrong):

Theoretically, in attack mode, a tac's weapons power starts at 125. If he is being leeched and has 9 in insulators, that would bring weapons power to a starting point of 116. Knowing that every 1 level of weapon power below 125 is a 2% reduction in DPS, the math is simple. So, -9 power x 2% = a -18% hit in DPS. 18% - the ~6% bonus from a 5th console = a 12% deficiency, 12/6=2. Seems feds are owed 2 more tac consoles.

That's just weapons though. How about everything else?

Shields: Every point above 50 increases regeneration by 4% and every point under 50 reduces regen by 4%. So, -9*4 = -36% reduction in regen. Perhaps feds should get 3 more sci consoles to slot 3 emitter amplifiers to make up for the drop in regen.

Engines: Every point of power above 50 represents a 2% increase in speed.Every point below 50 is a 2% decrease in base speed. So, -9x2 = -18% reduction in general speed. A XI Blue Injector Assembly provides +3.5 power to engines subsystem. 9 power/3.5 per console = 2.57. I guess the feds need a couple more engineering consoles to slot injectors.

Auxiliary: Every point above 50 increases the potency of sci abilities by 2%. Every point below 50 does the reverse and drops the modifier of the ability by 0.6%. So, using the same math from the engines example,-9x2 = -18% effectiveness, to make up for it, use Booster Modulators which also provide 3.5 power for a XI blue. 9/3.5 = 2.57. Again, toss in a couple more engineering consoles to slot booster modulators.

Keeping the comparison in terms of consoles, assume the Fed is flying a Fleet Defiant, he starts with a 3/2/5 console setup. Being leeched brings him down to a -7/-1/2 console setup.

What about the Klink shooting at him though? Assuming he gets that +9 power from leeching and he's in a Fleet Qin, he's got a 13/5/7 setup. [13 Engineering = 4 base + 2.5 * 4 bonus from leech - 1 spot for leech; 5 Sci = 2 base + 3 bonus from leech; 7 Weapon console = 4 base + 3 bonus from leech.]

That's probably about best case scenario. What if it goes to it's full -15 drain/boost or more because of flow caps? Or worse, what if it's something like aceton where the opponent is gimpped at 12 power until they can crawl out of range?

A group asked me to team up Fed side with them the other day and they q'd FvK. Both matches turned out to be against a team which I am buddies with 3 of the 5. They don't use these items. It was nice playing FvK without all of that stuff. It seemed very Star Trek.