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03-27-2013, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by eraserfish View Post
But from a story standpoint, it is equally acceptable to state that Starfleet does not have nearly as much experience operating cloaking devices as those two, and have had trouble integrating them on their ships.
Yeah... that's an excuse that could last all of 6 months. And that's being generous.

The Federation already has experience in placing cloaking devices on their ships and they have hundreds of years of case history available for their engineers to use in figuring these devices out.

It could also be said that the Federation has decided not to invest into cloaking devices, for the same reasons why they do not pursue development of technology that they may consider underhanded (and all things considered, a cloaking device is rather shady). That being said, I don't think that Starfleet should be completely deprived of cloaking devices, and that the whole "phase cloak" thing shown in TNG should make an appearance.
And that's an excuse that loses any punch when you realize that not having that strategic option means men and women die. Smug moral superiority is nice and all, but lives are on the line.

As for a game mechanics standpoint, I think it's just another case of "why does he have that, I want one too".
I guess it could seem that way, if you're silly enough to let yourself get locked into an 'us/them' dichotomy. Since I play both factions I have a different perspective.