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03-27-2013, 09:50 AM
*Stane stands by viewing over a well lit room looking at a grotesque looking tank... humanoid but vile looking... Their scans detected spice in the tank as if it has been used to created the material artificially... Then they detected a dead fetal form of a dead titan... DNA traces on the tank trace it to Republic Captain Sam Allington... There is a feeling of pondering as Stane is wondering to himself*

Stane *to himself*: Preston what where you trying to do...

*then he goes to the next item they recovered from the wreckage... another artifact much like the Tessaract but a deep vibrant red... and it is still pulsating... *

*Stane brings up Angel Halo plans on the screen and looks at it trying to figure out the puzzle...*

Stane: What are you... Your not of your ilk but similar... Interesting...

*OOC: Hmm how could I pull a mandarin on Jacob... He would never see me coming.*