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03-27-2013, 09:57 AM
Not "the worst experience", but certainly worth mentioning.

ISE. After a decent beginning we rush to the left side. Suddenly I notice that only a KDF guy and me are shooting at the cube. Then I notice a BoP shooting one of the generators. Kinda panicked I ask, not very politely, "X, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?". His answer:

"what do you want from me man, im bringing them to 10%"
"i cant fight the cube i ahve to much dps it targets me almost instaly"
"i have almost 5k dps per shot"

Needless to say, I laughed so hard I lost control of my ship and the cube blasted me to pieces. Fast respawn, I rush to the cube and see that one of the gens has been already killed and the awesome BoP's pilot is dead. Usual thing happens - spheres spawn at the gate, I glance at them and I notice that optional is already blown despite the fact that they are still very close to the gate.
Turns out that when the amazing BoP, some other guy and me moved to left cube, other 2 guys rushed right and killed a generator there.
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