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03-27-2013, 10:09 AM
Just FYI, fixes for the Omega Shield, Reroute Power to Shields, and Stasis Pistol + Weapon Malfunction have all been checked in. However, due to the ramp-up to the Expansion, we have to be a little picky about which code/data gets put into builds, and these ones appear to have dependencies that aren't ready to see daylight just yet.

As for the complaints about Resistances... Well, I believe there's a misconception about how Resistance to Control effects works in STO.

When you have Resistance to a Knockback effect (for example), the result is not that Knockbacks have a lower chance to effect you. Instead, it's that Knockbacks effect you to a far lesser degree. You are resisting the Magnitude of the effect, not the effect itself.** So, to a certain extent, these resistances appear to be Working As Designed, when they are properly applying upon the expiration of a Control effect. If a Control effect does NOT grant any sort of resistance or immunity upon expiration, that's a bug we will endeavor to address.

Now, despite this Resistance functionality being WAD, that doesn't necessarily mean that our current Design is foolproof. We're currently examining expiration-based resistance/immunity effects to see if the Design needs to change. We'll update the community if we decide to make such a sweeping choice.

Ultimately, delaying the Ground PvP Boot Camp may be the right choice. It honestly might not be a bad idea to wait until Legacy of Romulus has launched before offering this training course, due to the number of Trait choices that have a direct bearing on Ground-based character builds. With the upcoming availability of re-Traits, many players will be likely to see choosing the correct Traits as important to their Ground PvP experience, as having the right equipment.

**EDIT: Or, sometimes, the Duration of the effect.
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