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03-27-2013, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Hope that made sense but the TLDR is you did it right.
It did, thanks.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Oh and their was a rumor by a dev that their are diminishing returns applied similar to resistances with armor and that maco 10% effect is not subject to that. But no real proof nor any true desire to test it.

This is a monkey wrench the size of an asteroid.

Ok, let's add that in to the discussion and also go back a bit for some other assumptions I made so at least all of us are on the same page (or can correct me if I am wrong):

1) MACO 10% may or may not be subject to the above formula. If it is not subject to it, does it simply get added in at the end? The beginning?

2) Resilient shields have a 5% absorb property, it's my understanding that this gets factored in (STOked episode mentioned it).

Does it in fact get factored in to total shield resistances (my math above includes it)?

If it does, is this also not subject to the diminishing returns formula?

3) Elite Fleet Shields have 15% vs. 3 Energy types.

Does this function like the rumored MACO 10%, in that it is also not subject to diminishing returns?

Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
FYI, there is a mathematical operation known as exponentiation:

1 - (1-0.15) * (1-0.05) * (1-0.02)^10
Well yes, that is a bit cleaner thanks.

Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
I wish they would show our shield resistances in the UI. It would make it easier to figure these things out. However, I don't know that anyone has actually tested whether the fleet elite shield bonus stacks multiplicatively or additively.
I wish it was in the UI as well, unfortunately the UI team is like some secret team that is locked in an underground fortress bunker.

We did get shield regen in the UI though! Even if only some shields show up (Borg ) and some shields do not show up (MACO ).

Obviously few if any players can actually answer my questions above, maybe we will get a lucky visit from a dev.