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*Stane stands by viewing over a well lit room looking at a grotesque looking tank... humanoid but vile looking... Their scans detected spice in the tank as if it has been used to created the material artificially... Then they detected a dead fetal form of a dead titan... DNA traces on the tank trace it to Republic Captain Sam Allington... There is a feeling of pondering as Stane is wondering to himself*

Stane *to himself*: Preston what where you trying to do...

*then he goes to the next item they recovered from the wreckage... another artifact much like the Tessaract but a deep vibrant red... and it is still pulsating... *

*Stane brings up Angel Halo plans on the screen and looks at it trying to figure out the puzzle...*

Stane: What are you... Your not of your ilk but similar... Interesting...

*OOC: Hmm how could I pull a mandarin on Jacob... He would never see me coming.*
OOC: feel free to man just remember to take into account he i on a military base full of trained and armed troops

After the meeting felix leaves the room heading for the bridge

Vadem: do you think they will find the artifact

Felix: I sure hope so cause if they dont we are in trouble

Agent: sir prowler 1-a reports no activity now in the wreckage but confirms the area was visited recently.

Felix: alright everyone set course for the stations location lets see what we can put together from it.

Jacob is in an enginerring bay at damascus working on upgrading his suit and making combat armor for the project candidates.

Jacob: Orion please bring up schematic alpha two dash five

Orion: bringing up now sir

Jacob: lets add the high powered phaser to the arm weapons system as well as the micro torpedo launcher and the hand pulse chambers. Also add a heavy beam hooked up directly to the chest piece. We can leave out warp capabale speeds in it since we have the transport systems up and running. Also i want this one fire red with black and orange trims.

Orion: very well sir should i also install computer overide system we made last week and the upgraded comm unit

Jacob: of course also overpower the shield system i dont want to skip anything on this one.

Orion: very well sir