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03-27-2013, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by altp87 View Post
Ah Kewl, what about these rumours of Spartan the fleet founder being prevented from becoming the leader of his fleet again after having to leave due to problems in RL?

Also heard a lot of members were getting bullied at one point, what happened there?

Also heard a few days ago your entire fleet was going to walk out as they wanted a change in leadership but said leaders were not willing to listen to concerns. Care to explain that?

I've heard you asked members of your own fleet to join other fleets, to try to get into a command rank and essentially sabotage events, rosters and anything else they could. I believe some were the VKF, UFP, 12th Fleet and even house of beautiful orions!

I'd like to hear the IRFs side to this whole nest of lies, deceit and backstabbing because it has me seriously worried.

By the way I was a member of the ministry (R.I.P.) so I did see a lot of things in chat but quite frankly some of the things I had seen and heard make me really think people should know what they are getting into with your fleet if they are true especially with this Romulan faction coming out.
As the Fleet Leader of the VKF, I am interested as to why the VKF was named here.