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Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
All hail the mighty cruisers, chosen ships of the all-powerful Engineers!
Who would die? As long as the Engineers had more caffeine, eventually the other team would fall asleep after the many hours that the match lasted...then the Engineers could kill them!

TBH, I was going to do a longer post with builds for each of them - but I'm still trying to level up my 4th Eng (one of the two Healing Engs since my first two - uh - don't heal... /cough). Well, that's only partially true. I did 1.1m damage and over 700k healing in an Arena the other day. Sure, maybe a single AtS1 and HE2 were thrown to somebody else (admittedly after my target jumped during a SS and I gave the guy attacking the guy I healed EPS)...but still.

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