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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I wanted to come back to this, as there is a chance that (new info, for me anyway):

> MACO 10% vs. all is not multiplicative
> Brings into question the possibility that Resilient Absorb 5% is also not multiplicative
> Also brings into question the same regarding 15% from Res A or Res B.
Not sure if it helps, but observation shows that there is a definite bias regarding which resistant shields are going to be taken, and if you can spot it on a team, you can (if you have the gear in your inventory) re-equip to a type that shield variety (except MACO, of course) doesn't have a resistance proc for.

(easiest time to do so, of course, is while you wait in respawn, but it IS possible. KNOW YOUR SHIELD TYPES!)

iirc, at one point in the PvP community, it was common practice to have multiple sets, 1 for PvE, and others for PvP...
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