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Originally Posted by supergirl1611 View Post
how about just taking the Fleet Nebulas boff layout and tweaking it like this

Lt Uni
Lt Tact
Lt cmd Sci
Cmd Eng
Ens Sci (i would make it an engineer)

So all you are doing is switching the Cmd Sci and Lt Cmd Eng stations around.

But giving it this console layout

4 Eng
3 Sci
3 Tact

Turn Rate increase to 7.

Sorted ship won't be overpowered but what it will allow you to do is to be alot more flexible in the builds which the Galaxy should be. Not a master of 1 trade but a jack of all
Looks much better than the BOFF&Console layout we have now.
I would change the Ensign Science into a Engineer in order to make the Galaxy a real Engineering counterpart to the Nebula.

Additionally i think it wouldn't hurt the Galaxy Class to get a unique ability for a Exploration Cruiser and as counterpart to the Nebula, i think it should get the Ability "Sensor Analysis" too.

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