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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
but tactical not boosting 4 sci skills inst going to make sci captains deal more damage in pve. but thats par for the course of pve'er logic
Based on the thought process expressed in similar threads not in the PvP forums - they're talking about the following two things happening:

Remove Tac ability to boost damage for those abilities.
Boost the damage of those abilities.

So it would result in an increased amount of damage on their part in PvE.

My KDF Sci runs a no-Tac Heght'a (3 Sci/1 Eng) - he's there for debuff/control - tank busting, spam denial, movement control, heal interruption, etc, etc, etc.

My Fed Sci is there to detect cloakers - decloak them - tackle them/debuff them - toss a heal/help against alphas - etc, etc, etc.

They're both facilitators. They're not damage guys. They're all but useless in PvE because of that. Anything they do, a Tac could actually do better if it was even warranted doing...which in the majority of cases it is not.

So with borg talking about damage - I see it as a PvE discussion. There's just so much that a Sci can do other than damage when it comes to PvP...
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