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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
As for the "emptiness" of KvK-why would we fight each other? The storyline's a war between the Federation and the Empire, after all. It's not like we have to hide in our own little ghetto and participate in fratricide because we're scared of people who run inferior ships in a superior way...

Ah, the Roleplayer's defense

1) Have you actually done the first KDF mission arc that has KDF fighting KDF? There are plenty of reasons for Klingons to fight other Klingons and in fact it makes more sense for them to be fighting each other than for Feds to have all those wargames against Feds.

Sorry, but the KDF houses are not all shiny happy ridgeheads holding hands.

2) Funny how that roleplay defense gets thrown out the window in Kerrat. How many players actually try to finish that "storyline mission" and not use it as a free for all shooting gallery? Or does storyline only matter when players are trying to justify why they don't KvK?

Again, players gloss over it, pretend it's not true, make up excuses > there is a reason that KvK is the most dead of any PvP queue and it's not a roleplay issue.

[This wasn't just aimed at your comments by the way, every time I see kvk get brought up, I hear some version of the roleplayer's defense.]

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