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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
so unless stats were changed recently this is the page

easily destroyed by torpedoes or the Omega Weapon Amplifier passive (if chosen) when it procs

edit: i see what you mean...i would rather see the CD on turret devices reduced to 2 mins per rather than 5 mins due to how quickly they are destroyed.
You say "easily destroyed by torpedoes" but the fact is, it's not easily destroyed by torpedoes. With a High Yield 2, even with a critical hit, I was not destroying this stationary target. Running FAW 3 with DEM 3 I was not really harming it. Granted I'm not specced into torpedoes, but still, I just think it has way too much hull HP for something that you can make at no cost every 45 seconds. It's far better than a torpedo or mine platform that costs actual materials and time to craft, and basically is useless in actual combat.

If it's going to be impervious to energy weapons it should die in 1 hit to a torpedo, not require two high yield salvos. General wisdom is don't get Omega Weapon Amp on a beam boat, which is likely to be a cruiser that wants to tank, and would get the shields booster. Now they have to not only put in a torpedo launcher to deal with this uber-spam but also have torp doffs and slot High Yield to have a hope to knock it out before the next 45 seconds. It's really stupid.

I'm not one to whine about unbalanced aspects but this is pretty beyond the pale. Can you think of another console that has a 45-second cool-down and does anything remotely this powerful?