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03-27-2013, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Yeah, I'm sure KDF players love countering it in the ever hopping kvk queues.

Spammy console + Multiple Carrier teams (fairly rare, fedside) = Fighting pets and not fighting the enemy.

Or ignore them and have your UI drowned in garbage.
Ya I don't know when the last time you fvfed was... but I seem to remember Danoobs all over the damn place.

Tholian carriers catboxes... enough vesta spam to chock the sky.

Sorry but klink = more spam simply isn't true anymore.

Any time I take one of my torp sci ships into FvK its funny how 100% ineffective all that klink spam is.

Sorry Fed pugs in general have been duped by the "Elite" Fed players that convince them that 4 dhc and 8 beams are the highest form of game play.

Fed pugs fail because 1) they are way to defensive... gain you can thank the Fed Premade heros for teaching them terrible habbits. 2) they have ineffective dps builds... loading all energy is NOT a good idea. I can't even count the number of fed pugs I have seen where not one player has even one kinetic weapon. Considering that I say they completely deserve it when they know they are Queing FvK with those builds... I mean bops die all the time to a torp that hits while there cloaking... torp spreads hose all but 1-2 of the highest hit point carrier pets. 3) Thank the Fed Premade captains again for teaching the pugs that Gravity well is terrible... and CPB doesn't do enough dmg. (Thanks fed premades you make the pugs a push over... thanks for leading the way there)
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