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03-27-2013, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
AA's are powerful but vulnerable systems, akin to mines in that they're area-denial systems, but unlike Minefields, they can't chase a target once they have 'locked it', meaning that they ONLY deny the area they're in, and only if their targets aren't specced into insulators and lack kinetic weapons.

They don't NEED TO BE NERFED. geez...
I'm normally very anti-nerd, let me start with that. But I am a proponent of balance, and having a faction-specific thing like this is very unbalanced.

And you say they are vulnerable but they have quite a bit of hull to them. Read my post above -- it shouldn't take more than a single torp to kill them. Also I don't think the Particle Gen. skill of the captain should improve them. Why should it, logically? The ship has a particle generator on board and particle generation might affect Warp Plasma or possibly ship-board energy weapons but how would it impact something you launch from your ship then you fly away? Just illogical.