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03-27-2013, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by seraphantilles View Post
I'm normally very anti-nerd, let me start with that. But I am a proponent of balance, and having a faction-specific thing like this is very unbalanced.

And you say they are vulnerable but they have quite a bit of hull to them. Read my post above -- it shouldn't take more than a single torp to kill them. Also I don't think the Particle Gen. skill of the captain should improve them. Why should it, logically? The ship has a particle generator on board and particle generation might affect Warp Plasma or possibly ship-board energy weapons but how would it impact something you launch from your ship then you fly away? Just illogical.
Well P Gen improves the dmg they do if you shoot them with energy weapons... why shouldn't it. Does P Gen not improve tractor beam or Gravity well damage ?
Improving dmg on exotic attacks is sort of the point of P Gen.

Frankly there is nothing unbalanced about Aceton at all... Including the recharge on them.

They are easily countered... I don't know why you take more then one torp to kill one... what kind of torps are you running ?

The problem I think most people find with them is ... two fold. One feds don't load enough torps in general... and 2 pug players all seem to be confused by what they are, I have seen people sit 2k away from one and rapid fire it.... as funny as that is its pretty sad.

I remember fighting one good klink premade that dropped these in numbers... we dropped a few players before we realized the easiest way to counter them was to do the fed spiral, comboed with some torp spread and TBR. These are pretty easy to counter really... however if your pug team mates are making it hard by shooting them when there in the middle of the group ya I can understand the frustration.