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03-27-2013, 01:42 PM
Okay here are some things I noticed, as someone who does a lot of FvF as a Fed and FvK as a Klink.

1 - FvK feds tend to be very new - Most of the Feds in FvK don't even have basic tanking down, not even using tactical team. I was "fighting" a Fed cruiser in C&H yesterday and the only tanking power he used was RSP. The rest of his side weren't much better, popping more easily than NPCs on normal difficulty.

One guy in that match, in a Breen warship with full health, attacked me. I was so bored at this point I just sat there and let him fire on me without shooting back. Imagine my face when he actually killed himself with his own splash damage, almost insta popping himself.

That whole match was one giant facepalm. Sadly it's not exactly a one off. It's like elite STFs, where newbies and noobs throw themselves in at the deepend.

The level of challenge is so low, I'm actually getting bored of playing my Klink.

FvF on the otherhand has feds of a much more diverse skill level.

2 - KDF ships are largely superior - Sorry, but this is the truth. KDF battlecruisers ARE effective DPS cruisers, being like the Gal-X but with a much better turnrate. B'rel ships can tric bomb and sci-spam with impunity, KDF elite weapons are more useful than Fed elite weapons, power siphon drones render ships defenseless.
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