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Originally Posted by seraphantilles View Post
This is a lot of good points but not really relevant to the discussion. All I'm saying is increase the cooldown on AA or make it easier to kill with a torp. It is what it is...
Thats my point... why are you the only one with torps to kill it. lol

When I shoot at them with my dedicated torp boats they die in one hit...

I can understand not fully speced / no console torps perhaps taking 2 shots... but thats what you trade for not maxing your torps. imo

They are also killed by kinetic dmg in general...

Gravity well does kill them.

Tractor beam repulsors kills them and pushes them out of range with ease.

My point is Feds in general come into FvK Completely unprepared to fight Klingons.

Some of the premade feds will argue that dual specing into energy and kinetic is a waste... and they are 100% wrong. More escorts need to be running a torp for hull spike... more sci need to be running them... and even cruisers should have one or 2 torps.

The Premade feds also convince people that Gravity well is a terrible skill... truth is it completely shuts down cloaking in any kind of range of it... and the GW doff will pop secondaries on people after they recloak which is super effective.

Torpedos one shot bops even through there low shield numbers.... yet most escorts are still rocking 4 dhc in the FvK Que.

I look at it this way... I know my premade runs lots of torpedos... (really like any half decent fed premade) we walk all over the klinks.

I think the issues with aceton are really limited to pugs... where the chances of having proper Klink Control skills on the scis are almost zero... and the DPS players bring nothing at all to counter cloak or aceton... or in most cases even carrier pets.