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# 1 Overpowered sci?
03-27-2013, 03:44 PM
Right, Ive held off now for sometime but I cant now.

Ive just about had it with the one sided nature of this game at times.

Sci skills that are so over the top its unreal.

I like (Or liked) to PvP, Im not bad, theres people better than me but I can hold my own.
However lately its becoming apparent that there are a growing number of people who can somehow make escorts and bug ships totally indestructable, like 5 escorts on one bug ship with no shields and he doesnt take any damage at all!!! That sort of stuff.

However, I digress. Sci powers like subnuc3 just take the utter p*ss, debuffs active skills and screws your countdown timers up, oh and its stackable. Ive had countdowns on tac teams at 50 minutes in the past and it lasted a good minute and a half before it reset.
Now you may well say engineering team or sci team (whichever it is) debuffs it! Really? Cos the last time I tried that, subnuc actually shut that skill down, along with everything else that Id used or not used, so I couldnt debuff at all, or defend myself for that matter.

Another thats a p*ss take is 100% shield pass through with energy weapons. What buff does that? I havent found it yet and the people I ask just say 'My little secret'. In my eyes that raises suspicions as to the legitemacy of some of these players.

When is Cryptic actually going to bother looking at a skill that cant be debuffed and is by far the most lethal skill going?

Some of you may say 'Well your team should send a team over', yeah, all well and good saying that but I dont get the opportunity to play in premades, only pug teams, like many others really. Tonight, I got hit by 7 subnuc3s in one go! Go figure when there was only 5 on the other team! They all stacked as well and took 3 minutes (even after death) to clear.

Its pretty pathetic tbh, not even being able to do what you do PvP for in the first place, thats fight.

I recently got my hands on the bugship as well, well, its a good little ship but Im interested to know how a small number have a speed so high its like they are on constant evasive manoeuvres yet seem to ignore all resistances indefinately. Ive trawled the PvP build thread and have found no definitive answer.

If anyone has some helpful input on this, it will be greatly received.