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03-27-2013, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
I recently got my hands on the bugship as well, well, its a good little ship but Im interested to know how a small number have a speed so high its like they are on constant evasive manoeuvres yet seem to ignore all resistances indefinately. Ive trawled the PvP build thread and have found no definitive answer.

If anyone has some helpful input on this, it will be greatly received.
Have you tried a hyper engine with higher power levels or emergency power to engines with aux to dampeners. There are also [Deuterium Surplus] items. There are many ways to go faster. You can also use conn duty officer to reduce it's cool down.

As far as subnuke is concerned. It is still the only sci ability worth anything. sci team is only disabled if it is on cd. if it is not on cool down then it can still clear a subnuke. there is a bug however when it comes to boarding party but a fix is already in the works.