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Originally Posted by altp87 View Post
Actually I was raising awareness of some very concerning rumours I had been hearing about the IRF especially in regard to it affecting other fleets and the running of them.

Sorry to involve you and your fleet Phoenix lord but I just think that if these are true about potentially sabotaging other fleets then frankly it needs to stop. I would like to know if the things are true and what the leader has to say on the subject. I'm unsure if evidence could be linked on the forums as it could contain names of members which I believe is prohibited on the forums. However evidence can be sent via your forums if you would like to see it.

Also try to not use the t word guys as it seems to be taboo on these forums from what I hear.
Spartan left the game at year half ago to play RIFT and that he did not have time to play
two games and wanted to come back when the Romulans are playble so RD and Fvillha
where the ones that kept the Fleet going and Fvillha was also one of the guys that started the fleet.
You said "members of your own fleet to join other fleets, to try to get into a command rank and essentially sabotage events, rosters and anything else they could"
AS for that every Fleet that Know us knows that is BS.
So everything you have said is lie so Go away Troll and take your SB with you.

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