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03-27-2013, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
> Brings into question the possibility that Resilient Absorb 5% is also not multiplicative
From what I know, the 5% resilient absorption isn't treated like regular shield resist at all. Essentially, resilient shields send 90% of an incoming attack to shields, 5% of that to hull, and the remaining 5% just disappears. (Compare to normal shields, where 90% of the attack is borne by shields, and the remaining 10% hits hull.)

Suppose you have an incoming attack that hits your resilient shields. 90% of that would hit shields (assuming the shields aren't broken by the attack). Shield resist would apply after this 90% was calculated; the actual damage your shields take is (1 - Shield Resist) * 0.9 * base damage of attack. 5% of the attack would bleed through to hull; hull resist would apply to this, so the damage the hull takes is (1 - Hull Resist) * 0.05 * base damage of attack. The remaining 5% of the attack simply vanishes.

Resilient shields don't take less damage from an attack; they just make sure that the hull takes half as much damage as usual while the shields are up.