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03-27-2013, 03:47 PM
Personally I find that Epohh tagging is the best source of marks. It takes some time to build up steam but assuming you do the tagging every day with a team (so that you get the full four tags) you can sell an Elder Epohh (worth several hundred marks) every few days. The worst case is every 5 days but if you use a decent DOff to do the research I find you can get about one Epohh every 3 days on average. The problem with it is there's a time delay, doing the tagging today gives you marks 4 to 8 days later.

The Sector Patrol and Radiation Scan missions are also good marks/time (70 marks for completing both missions plus I normally get ~150 radiation reports which if you save up until you have 300 basically means 30 marks every two days).

The Romulan ground missions, however, I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot laser-pole. The rewards/time are just not worth it.

Comparing Omega and Romulan marks I would say that Romulan marks require considerably less effort than Omega marks but are more gated in terms of calendar time.

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