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03-27-2013, 03:56 PM is the skill planner where you lay out a planned build.

I'm not sure that I'd recommend the current sci layout that you have. Generally, I'd suggest using either a doff'ed ST3 or 2xTSS for a healboat; you really want to be able to keep shields up as much as possible. To be honest, HE isn't as useful as TSS in most cases, unless you absolutely need to clear some DoT effects.

I see you've loaded all three team abilities on there, but all of them are rank 1. Do you plan to throw around TT cycles everywhere, or instead rely on ET/ST as the backbone of your heal cycles? If the former, then ditch ET1, downgrade EPtS3 to another copy of EPtS1, and load AtSIF2; this will help you cover for the loss of the second HE when you swap HE1 or HE2 out for another TSS. If the latter, then you should think about upgrading ET/ST to the level 3 versions and getting doffs; the level 3 burst heals are impressive. Keeping all three team abilities usually results in one or two of them almost never being used.

3-piece Borg is usually pretty fragile, with low cap and no inherent all-energy resists, although the high shield mod of the Vesta might help to offset that. I see you're looking at fleet shields; they should help you make the most out of the high shield capacity that the Vesta offers, although I don't have any particular suggestions for you. (Plus, fleet shields may allow you to be more comfortable without an EPtS3.)

You've only listed 2 devices on there. The Vesta might not need it as much the fat Oddy does, but an engine battery always helps when you want to gun it out of there (or chase down some silly pugger).