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03-27-2013, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
I was playing FED Vs FED arena. The other team seemed like a PUG team, ours was a mix of PUG and premade if that makes sense.

The bug had no support ships with him as they fell rather rapidly.

I know Ill get beaten at times, thats part and parcel, but Im trying to clear up some seemingly inexplicable issues.

I do think subnuc is overpowered for the troll earlier, such a powerful skill should either have a longer cooldown or not be stackable with other subnucs.
To be fair, stacking subnucs is a bad idea on a team anyways. It is a waste of using them on one target. And it has a 2 minute cooldown (thank you renimalt for the error fix). And if they were using them faster than that, then there is some exploit out there I certainly don't know of.

Now, again, it was probably the Boarding Party bug going around. You may not have seen them if the other team was using them, but they still could've been using them.

As for the troll, ignore em. Because there will ALWAYS be people out there, those who don't care about you, or others, or fair play, or anything else. They care about winning, and will gladly use whatever the flavor of the week is in terms of bugs and exploits. The ones that really do give PvPing a bad name, as this thread has shown.*

But there are also those who want a fun, interesting PvP experience and do not use things like that to their advantage. They love a fair, but challenging fight.

*That line wasn't directed at you btw, OP, or meant to be an insult to you.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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