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03-27-2013, 04:25 PM
I use KCB on all my ships and it clears AA easy. On my KDF all my ships carry AA as i do STFs a lot/pvp and its one of the few all around generally good consoles to use actually worth a slot.

Are they OP? Hell no. Even if i could put 5 down at once they are easy to kill or easy to avoid by moving. Saying that it totally controls the battle field is a massive overstatement. People control the battlefield, you chose when and where you move.

If you arent speced into torps your missing a key weapon. How people can think torps are useless when 1 HYT of quantums can deal almost 100k dmg to a single target is beyond me. Some of the hardest ships to fight are torpedo/mine ships.

AA are totally fine, and if you see a escort strafe one he gets what he gets thats the whole point.