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03-27-2013, 04:31 PM
Woah, OK, maybe I will enter this one, but I want to first give some friendly advice, based on my experience making a shuttle mission called "Trojan Horse."

Please give yourself tons of time to test. Combat is very different depending on the type of shuttle, the nature of the reskinned mob, etc.

For example, I can't complete my shuttle mission with Mk XII purples on a captain's yacht. Other people find it incredibly easy.

Every mob is a weak Orion group. If you use fighters, they are just too hard to target, from my experience.

People either find the mission incredibly easy or incredibly hard. Plus, there are tons of folks who fly in with their escorts or cruisers, ignoring "THIS IS A SHUTTLE MISSION!" Then they complain about it being too easy or too tight for their Galaxy class ships to fit through.

It's definitely a challenge. Good luck all.

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