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03-27-2013, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
I know it wasnt directed at me bud.
The more I read the BP bug, the more it could be and combined with the usual graphics glitches or even point blank, it could well explain it.

Im a massive fan of a good fair fight, I like a challenge, I also dont mind losing as long as it was a good fight along the way.

I just cant stand skills that cant be fought or debuffed, its just a cheap way of getting the kill.

As for the troll, Im sure he realises that an alpha stack (full stack) lasts less time than any of the other skills, including ones that essentially mute the extra damage output.
Ive also seen some outstanding sci toons in Kerrat warzone tanking through 5-6 klingons and even killing 2, barely firing a shot in the process, just using sci skills.
I'm 90% sure it's the BP bug. I don't know every single possible skill and combo in the game, but whatever is the worst thing being abused ATM is often times the answer.

Few people are a fan of getting killed through cheap means, bugs, and exploits. Those same people who abuse it are also generally the types to whine and complain in zone when they die.

But the moment a new bug appears, they will happily start abusing it.

True on the alpha strike, however, the fact it was SNBed off, troll or no, means they considered you a threat. So there's something to be taken from that at least, in a good way.

As for tanking 5 or 6 Klingons in Ker'rat, clearly those warriors need to be sent back to the Academy and re-learn everything.

In seriousness though, a good enough player, with the right skills and gear can be a tremendous powerhouse by themselves, all without ever having to get the slightest bit of support. So I'm not surprised they were able to pop a couple KDF by themselves, science can be brutal in the right hands.
Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.