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Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
Ive also seen some outstanding sci toons in Kerrat warzone tanking through 5-6 klingons and even killing 2, barely firing a shot in the process, just using sci skills.
There is nothing wrong with that though.

What you have to consider is that in order to use LT Commander and Commander sci skills. you mostly have to be in a Science ship... which has 1 less weapon slot, and most of them also have 1 less tac console at least as well.

There is nothing wrong with science skills being powerful. Also you will notice in most cases it isn't the science skills doing the majority of the dmg... as much as they setup the dmg from the sci ships weapons. One good HY from a science ship after they sub nuke and destroy your defense with a tractor or gw or vm. Is as good as a tac that has buffed the same weapon up with Omega and Alpha. Frankly its pretty balanced.

Science ships are in general the foil to DPS escorts / bops. That is by design and works fine. Klinks shouldn't be trying to go toe to toe with a proper science ship... they should have a buddy attack em... and wait in cloak for the science ships defense buffs to drop... and then drop them in one pass... no more sci magik.

There is nothing wrong with sci doing lots of dmg and debuffing with science skills.

When it comes to kerrat take everything with a grain of salt. I have seen some very poor klink dps there... and some fantastic dps as well... and some terrible fed tanking and dmg... and the opposite. Player skill level comes on both end of the spectrum.

I know that I would have no issues tanking 5-6 low dps klingons in kerrat... and I know a small handful that would kill me solo in a single pass if they set there run up right.

I guess my point is you can't take kerrat as a measuring stick of balance.
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